Essay on Alternative Energy Is The Future

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Alternative Energy is the future. We need clean, renewable energy, since our current sources of energy are dirty and finite.
Current non-renewable power sources include coal power, natural gas power, and other fossil fuels. These fuel sources create heat, which boils water and makes steam. This steam turns a turbine, which turns a generator, which makes electricity. The advantage to using these sources is that they are inexpensive. The disadvantage is that they are dirty sources of power. They all pollute in one way or another. The fossil fuels are not renewable, meaning they will run out someday.
Nuclear power makes heat using a nuclear reaction. It is renewable, but it gives off nuclear waste. Biomass uses organic material to make energy. The advantages to using these sources is that they are renewable. The disadvantage to these is that they pollute.
Clean power sources include solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and hydroelectric power. We will be discussing these in detail later, along with biomass. Let’s start with discussing solar power.
Solar power is power from the sun. We can use this energy for many things, including warming water, making electricity, and heating homes. Solar energy is good because it is clean and renewable energy. Also, as long as the sun shines, we will never run out of solar energy.
Solar energy has been used since the 1500 's. Leonardo De Vinci used mirrors to use the sun 's power and heat water. Variations of that were used after…

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