Alone on a Stormy Night Essay

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Alone on a Rainy Night
In was October 13th all over again, my parents' wedding anniversary. Every year they would go out, on what they like to call a mini honeymoon, a nights stay at mother's hotel of choice. Usually I would stay with Aunt Rose, but I begged them to let me stay home alone. In my opinion, I was a big girl and our neighborhood was very quiet.
It turned out to be a rainy night, I was alone in my room reading my favorite Nancy Drew book on my new iPad. Suddenly, I heard very loud thud at the front door. I didn't expect anyone at that late hour, so I assumed it was some stray animal on our porch. But once again that mysterious thud, that was no animal. I decided to check it out, I went in to the door peeped out no one was
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I carefully but hurriedly crossed my room towards the window, but I tripped over some misplaced toy and fell to the floor. Now afraid that the intruder probably heard me I ran frantically to the window. I tried to open the window, but it was too tight. Finally, using all my might, I got the window open. With one foot already out the window, I heard my intruder call, “where do you think you’re going?” Now thinking of what he would do to me, my heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst. I turned and faced what I thought would now be my kidnapper. As our faces met I immediately ran to the intruder and hugged him tightly because my intruder turned out to be my Uncle Emmett! Though confused, he then explained that he tried calling but couldn’t get through so he used his key and enter the back door. When I explained to Uncle Emmett the reason for my behavior, we both laughed about it. Soon thereafter the electricity was back and we enjoyed two cups of hot chocolate. What a night that was, I hoped it wouldn’t happen again. My parents said they would never leave me home again. What if it wasn't Uncle Emmett, what would've happened to me?
Uncle Emmett came not knowing I was home. But even though he gave me such a scare I'm happy, because who knows who could've broke in. It help both me and my parents to see the dangers of being home

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