Allegory Of The Cave And The Truman Show Essay

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The search for the real world is never fulfilled until it has been experienced by the individual. The modification in the surrounding and the environment one is born into is never easy to change because they are more comfortable in that situation. Similar scenarios have been depicted in Allegory of the cave and The Truman show. Allegory of the cave is a theory of Plato, who is a well-known philosopher in human perception. The theory talks about the disputable idea which many do not understand. It inquires (wrong word) readers to imagine and feel the prisoners in a cave all their life facing a blank wall where shadows are projected. The prisoners are chained up and have been there since their childhood. Whereas, in the movie The Truman show by Peter Wein. The movie is about Truman Burbank’s life who grew up in a fake world which is created by a television show director. Truman has no clue he is on a TV show until the end, and the show is aired 24/7 and watched by millions of people. Truman is brought up in the fake world and has been locked up since then. Both of these literary works have some similarities, like the control over the individual and the hidden truth. On the other hand, there exists a difference in how they find the real world.
To begin, controlling an individual’s life since their childhood and controlling what they see can be very difficult when they experience the real world. In Allegory of the cave the individual is not allowed to move their head, neck, legs…

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