All People Liv Could Date. Tucker Essay

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"Of all people Liv could date... Tucker?!" Barba said in a huff as he enters Sonny 's apartment.
"Who she dates shouldn 't be our business, Raf," Sonny takes off his coat and hangs it up.
"It is when it involves high rank officials in an investigation," Rafael shakes his head. "Plus it 's Tucker." His mouth curls in disgust saying his name. "The guy 's been a thorn in SVU 's side for years. Liv 's complained to me more than once how much of a pain in the ass he is. Now suddenly feelings changed? And she 's sleeping with him? I thought she had better sense than that."
"I 'm sure her falling for him didn 't develop overnight," Sonny rubs his neck nervously.
"It sure seems like it. What does she see in this guy?"
"Something that we don 't," Sonny looks at him, "Sounds like to me you 're jealous that she kept a secret from you."
"Thank you very much Sherlock Holmes for that astute observation," Rafael said, tossing his coat on to a chair. "I 'm more angry than jealous that she kept this from me."
"How you 're acting I can see why she did." Perhaps not the wisest choice of words but in Sonny 's mind at least he was honest.
Rafael scowls at him, crossing his arms, "And what do you mean by that, Sonny?"
"That you 're acting friggin ' defensive over nothing," Sonny says as his hands start to gesture all over the place.
Rafael scoffs at his comment, "Nothing? Do you know how bad this is? Did she realise how bad this is? "
"Not really, I think what happened to her was blown way out…

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