All Of Me By John Legend Poem Analysis

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All of Me by John Legend is a male narrator’s ode to his lover. They both recognize her flaws, but he loves her past them all and he vows to be with her through all the world throws at her. The speaker is a male describing his attachment to his lover. The tone of this song displays both a melancholy yet a passion of love by expressing his love for this special love one. The poet uses various elements of poetry to create a theme of equipping others to love unconditionally. The setting is undisclosed, however it can be interpreted that he is either beside his lover or imagining her. The speaker uses figurative language such as a metaphor; “My heads under water but I’m breathing fine”. This comparison displays him (the speaker) being under …show more content…
A connotation in the poem would be “My worst distraction my rhythm and blues”. This is known to be a connotation because he shows his emotion on how he feels about his love towards her. The quote symbolizes how much he loves this perfectly imperfect female and the way she makes him feel. Denotation is also uses in this poem. For example he states “I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing in my head for you”. When the poet said that, he meant every word he said. A poem is nothing more than a song, it just has an actual rhythm to it. The speaker really cannot stop singing because the poem is actually about and is for her as well as him depending on the setting. He is professing his undying love for the love of his life. Imagery is portrayed in “All of Me” as well the speaker paints a picture perfect, curvaceous beautiful young woman in the mind of readers. When reading the lyrics, readers could possible think she could have a little low self esteem. He states “Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”. His lover could be a bust woman, imagining her to have wide hips, thick thighs, or possibly overweight. However, some could just imagine a beautiful girl who he sees nothing wrong with because she is perfect in his

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