Alive Essay on the Movie Alive

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In 1972 a plane full of rugby players on their way to a big match Crashed on route from Uruguay to Chile after being blown off course when they experienced bad turbulence. There were 37 on board 45 including the crew 29 survived the crash into the Andes mountains. There were a good few injured and needing help. One of the players got a metal pole stuck in his stomach and another player who was training to be a doctor pulled it out. And tried to help others who were also injured, he told people with broken bones to lie in the snow to reduce the swelling. The survivors worked together and placed the injured people at one end of the plane to keep them safe and buried the dead in the snow to show some respect. They used the suitcases to
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Zerbino, Rafael, Juan Martino set off to search for the tail of the plane in hopes of finding the batteries for the airplanes radio to transmit their location. The teammates find additional corpses, but return to the group to tell them that the tail is further away. A second team made up of Nando, Canessa, and Antonio they find the tail of the plane but can’t bring the batteries to the group because it was too heavy. They return to the group to get Roy. They take him to the tail of the plane to see if he can fix the radio. When Roy is unsuccessful they return to the group once more.
Later in the week an avalanche hits the plane and floods the interior with snow. Some manage to escape the snow, but most are unable to escape. After so many deaths Nando is reluctant to search for a way off the mountains taking TinTin with him. After a couple of days they send TinTin back to the crash site to appropriate his rations and continue on. After a long trek they escape the mountains and alert the authorities of companions location. As helicopters land on the glacier, the other 14 survivors

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