Alignment of Staffing and Organizational Strategies Essay

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Devry University
Keller Graduate School of Management (KGSM)
HR 594
Strategic Staffing
Instructor: Dr. Jennie Wong, EdD, MBA, SPHR

Alignment of Staffing Strategies with Organizational Strategies

Carlos Molina
Human Resources Alumni
Keller Graduate School of Management (KGSM)

Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Concepts 6 Staffing Strategies 6 Importance of Staffing Strategies 6 Organizational Strategies 7 Importance of Organizational Strategies 7 The Problem 7 HR594 Topical Area 8 Causes 10 Staffing Quantity: Levels Approach 11 Staffing-Proactive Perspective 12 Solutions 12
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In order to be effective, Organizational Strategies requires that both the thinking and analysis compare current state to desire state and define the gap, and identify the execution capabilities to be able to make the appropriate changes (Charlesmore, 2008)
Importance of Organizational Strategies Organizational strategies are important because they provide the underpinnings for everything your organization stands for and does. A weak or inconsistent organizational strategy spells eventual failure--the question of failure is not "if," but "when?" Organizational Strategies need to make sense and be actionable; they need to be aligned with the organization’s structure, process, policies, and Human Capital systems; In fact, every part of an organization’s strategy should be aligned with every unit of the organization.
The Problem
Most organizations that try to implement strategic staffing processes follow traditional approaches that do not work. In most of these cases, these organizations include Staff Planning as a component of their annual business planning process. Indeed, most of these organizations require that Managers define future staffing needs for each year of the planning period in terms of the headcount needed as opposed to required skills. The process of implementing these strategic staffing is very common, companies create templates based on common planning parameters (i.e. all units define requirements at job specific levels for

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