Essay on Ali : The First Chapter

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The First Chapter.

Ali looks good person from inside, but when he goes out with his friends he totally change like he 's not the same and at the same time he thinks and take care of his family, but not at right time. He attends his high school, he sometimes don 't care about the school, but somehow he passed his classes and fails in couple classes too, he prayed in the meantime pretty much that it.
Ali’s age is around 17-18. In Ali’s face is always smiling, he looks cool like nobody thinks that he got something from someone or someone made his day, that much he happy he looks. Ali lives with his family of 9 three brothers and six sisters. His family always wants Ali to be his best they are nice sometimes they are means to him, but Ali don’t get why they mean to him he thinks that they stopping him from what he is doing. Ali is smart he speaks 4 languages, but most likely he speaks Somali with his family, when he is out he speaks Hindi and Arabic with his friends. Ali’s think not used to mature enough but when he prays he used to ask his god that god one day make me smart enough, and let me know my right way to lead. He feels good and trust his friends to the fullest but they are slightly smarter than him, but he still feels good and smiles over the pain when the clock hits 12am and he still chilling with his friends late night. He tells his friends it 's too late, I have to go, but inside, he feels like leaving, but small, and unseen things makes him to stay longer to…

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