Alfred Hitchcock 's Rear Window Essay

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In Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954) is a story about a photographer on his last week of recuperation from his last assignment where he was severely injured on the race track taking a picture of the wreckage. While recuperating Jeff has come into the deplorable habit of people watching his neighbors outside his rear view window, while watching he suspects one of his neighbors to have murdered his wife. Not being able to provide an eye witness account to what he believes happened he has his nurse stella and fiance to be Lisa he gathers enough probable cause to arrest him.The film focuses on the theme of voyeurism and throughout the film you can see how the camera adds to this effect. Another theme intertwined with it also is romantic involvement and commitment when it come to love and a relationship.Focusing more on the relationship of Lisa and Jeff some would argue that Lisa is an object of the male gaze a passive character while others say she represents the female spectators and has most of the power.
In Laura Mulvey paper Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema she introduces the political use of psychoanalytic analysis to discover how the fascination of film is reinforced by pre existing patterns already at work within the social formations in the subject.Also revealing the patriarchal society that has structured film form and where does the female form play a role patriarchal unconsciousness. Mulvey says that the female form plays two roles she first symbolizes…

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