Jung And Freud Comparison Essay

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• No, being accurate is not the same as being reliable and valid. If a test is accurate that means the results represent the true value of a measurement and being reliable is getting the same results each time the test is taken. Being valid means if a test or experiment measure what it was intended to measure. A test must be valid so the result can be used accurately.

• According to Freud, you can tell a person is stuck in the oral stage if they are unconsciously in need of stimulation with their mouth. People stuck in this stage may result to eating, smoking, nail biting, alcoholism, or even thumb sucking.

• The difference between Jung and Freud when it comes to structures and collections of the mind is the idea of the collective unconscious. Aside from both dividing the human psych differently, Freud believed the unconscious mind was where we repressed thoughts, memories, thoughts of sex and aggression. Jung believed people had repressed memories based on there ancestral past.

Alfred Adler addressed the need for being a perfect as a predictor of illness and problem. He felt that all people wanted to be perfect and from this came a feeling of being above others.

• The conscious mind was the least important to Freud because it is the part of
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Alfred Adler believed that birth order was the way children viewed their place and position in the family and overall this shaped their personality. Based on Adler’s point of view regarding birth order, he would have said because David is a middle child he is unpredictable when it comes to success. The middle child is known as the ‘pacemaker’ and is always striving to be better than the first born since he views him as competition. They often feel squished between their older sibling and younger sibling so they have a hard time finding their place in the family and in the world. Since middle children are known as being flexible they can use their competitiveness as a way to be successful in many

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