Alexander Hamilton 's Influence On The Development Of America

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As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton had an immense influence on the development of America during the years following the Revolutionary War. He can be largely attributed to the survival of the young country that had been once been on the brink of failure following the winning of its independence. Influenced by the economic theories and philosophies developing in Europe during the same period, Alexander Hamilton applied his strong nationalistic approach to both the government and the economy. Through this approach and his various views on society, he proved capable of leading the nation from being an exhausted country lacking authority to being a nation that fostered economic prosperity and vitality. From an early age, Hamilton developed an ambitious attitude and worked to utilize his intellect to advance his place in society. His successful career was certainly not handed to him; both of his parents died by the time he reached adolescence and his mother’s divorce was not deemed socially acceptable. However, from an early age he proved his capabilities, successfully managing a trading charter until his aunts could gather the funds to send him to college. He demonstrated such a profound understanding of various political issues in a series of anonymous pamphlets that they were credited to John Jay for a lack of belief that Hamilton could have written them at the young age of seventeen. Hamilton gained a unique perspective when he served…

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