Alexander Graham Bell Research Paper

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This biography is remarkably written filled with tons of information, however Bruce doesn’t become as intimate with inspirations of Alexander Graham Bell or the actual telephone being built. To begin, Bruce briefly mentions George Sanders in a few sentences. Such a simple name, but a huge impact to Bell being his first deaf student that he had taught (90-91). From prior research, it is said that George Sanders later went on in life becoming successful in thanks to Bell, however it would’ve been more resourceful if Bruce provided that extra information. Another influence to Bell that lacks information includes an invention by Professor Faber called the “Wonderful Talking Machine”. Initially, Bell was not the first to think of the telephone, …show more content…
Bruce still manages to include 497 pages of information that the hundreds of articles don’t incorporate. For starters, prior to reading this biography I had not known that Bell was rather inspired by Professor Faber’s invention (82). Many of the online articles advertise it as if Bell’s inspirations were his father, an expert in elocution, and his partially deaf mother. Bell and his father took Faber’s abandoned invention, and refined it later making it their own, that eventually contributed to the makeup of the telephone. Additionally, reading the chapter on Helen Keller was an eye opener. Had I not read this biography, I would have no idea that Alexander Graham Bell was associated in a big part of Keller’s life. Today we know that Helen Keller was the first deaf blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree, but that would not have been possible without the assistance of Bell (402). Finally, I did not know that Alexander Graham Bell spent a decent amount of time breaking and building kites, the construction of kites provided Bell a sense of exciting unpredictability (430). With the assistance from Casey Baldwin and Arthur McCurdy, Bell goes from building kites to planes. These planes were extremely successful however go unaccredited because Bell and his associates did not document their data efficiently. A lot of the information I had not come across anywhere comes into play somehow with my research, they help explain how and why Alexander Graham Bell was the way he

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