Aldus Case Study Essay

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Rod Denney

Western Governors University


This essay will examine in explicit detail the new positioning strategy in conjunction with other marketing issues prevalent within the Aldus Corporation. The Aldus Corporation has been a leader in the desktop publishing market since its inception in February 1984. However, the firm's marketing manager Richard Strong pointed out some foreseeable problems that would require a dramatic shift in the company's positioning strategy.

The Proposition to Change Positioning Strategy
The forward thinking of Mr. Strong to split Aldus Corporation’s product line into two separate divisions was very innovative, creative, and bold. However, two separate versions
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Aldus Corporation marketing department researched the varied reasons behind why the organizational consumer seeks out an array of features in their desktop publishing products when compared to their counterparts in the consumer market, is why it is vital for Aldus Corporation to offer these two distinct markets different versions of the software product., the consumer markets have greater need for specificity of their product functions while organizational markets are not as specific in their product function requirements. The primary reason behind this market contrast is that the consumer markets are looking for efficiency in publishing while the organizational consumers are seeking substantial improvements in document quality. This contrast must be met in the way that Aldus Corporation offers its software product, which has a very profound impact its overall positioning strategy. The following are the distinct segments:
The Four Major Segments of Aldus Corporation
1. Macintosh software business end users
2. Personal computer based business end users
3. Macintosh software for graphics professionals
4. Personal computer for graphics professionals
Those who choose to utilize the Macintosh personal computer are seeking to utilize the PageMaker software in order to completely eliminate all manual methods of document publishing. Aldus Corporation performance was robust in this particular

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