Alcoholism And Its Effects On The Brain Essay examples

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Alcoholism refers to the abuse of alcohol by people who are incapable to control their affair drinking behavior over a period of time. Alcoholism is an illness involving he constant use of alcoholic beverages such as a can of beer, vodka, whiskey, etc. It often affects a lot of people and their families. Alcoholics are not normal people who intake alcohol instead their whole lives revolve around drinking alcohol. While many individuals usually decline the effects of heavy drinking to a hangover that will not last beyond the day. The effects of alcoholism are unbelievably more surviving is destructive not only for the alcoholic but also their family and friends. Unreasonable consuming of alcohol can exert a serious impact on the brain, both on the short-term and long-term basis. Reasons why alcohols exhibits combative behavior can be refer to the effects of alcohol on various parts of the brain. First, alcohol can affect the gamma-aminobutyoric acid receptor complex in the brain that prohibits aggressive behavior by creating anxiety over socially improper behavior. Second, the effect of alcohol on the dopaminergic system that’s controls the psychomotor stimulation can lead to increase in the intensity and level of aggression. The lower blood sugar in the brain can also subscribe to a fierce level of aggressive behavior. Alcoholics tend to overreact to uncertain problems by using anger. Furthermore, with constant alcohol intake, alcoholics lose their capacity to exercise…

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