Alcoholism And Drug Dependence On Alcoholism Essay

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Do you know if anyone in your family struggles with alcoholism? Do you have a friend whose family struggles with alcoholism? The chances are, you do. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), “one in every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse and more than 7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.” Don’t you think this should be a national conversation we should be having? Yet, no one ever talks about alcoholism. Is it because there is such a shame attached to it? People don’t generally share their secrets with coworkers and friends. However, what happens to these 7 million children? How are they effected, and what kind of a life do they end up living? How can AA and Al-non help? These are questions we should be asking ourselves. To determine what will become of these seven million children, we must ask the question “is there an alcoholic gene?” Research has determined that alcoholism is a disease, and has identified that the gene for alcoholism can be vulnerable to alcoholism. In Alexandru George article, “Like Parent, Like Child?” states “the influence of familial factors in the development in offspring is demonstrated by a series of studies that show the fact that alcoholics’ children have an increased risk to become alcoholics than the children of the persons that are not alcoholic.” Although, this does not mean every child will become an alcoholic, despite…

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