Alcoholics Anonymous As A Fellowship Of Both Men And Women 's Primary Purpose

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1. Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous which is commonly referred to as AA is a fellowship of both men and women whose primary purpose is to help alcoholics to not only stay sober but to also achieve sobriety ("What Is AA?", 2016). It serves the needs of people who have common problems. Members in the groups share their experiences, hope, and strengths with each other in a bid to solve their common problem and to assist each other to recover from alcoholism. AA focuses on a 12-step program that is based on a spiritual connection to a higher power to aid individuals overcome their addictions. Some individuals refer to drug addiction and alcoholism as chemical dependency of substance abuse. In this regard, non-alcoholics are sometimes introduced to AA and encouraged to attend the meetings. Any person can attend AA meetings, but the only people who can attend the closed meetings are individuals with a drinking problem ("What Is AA?", 2016). The movement is based on assumptions and principles that are meant to help individuals recover from alcoholism.
The topic of alcoholics anonymous and the population came to my attention for personal reasons. My mother was an alcoholic and as a result I had many experiences that can be regarded as traumatic. I can recall having painful experiences and being emotional distressed. There are times that I was overwhelmed and unable to cope due to multiple painful instances. My life experiences brought me closer to the topic and that is why…

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