Alcohol Use And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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The affect that alcohol has on an individual is dependent on the relationship they have with the substance. Alcohol use can be defined as having one drink or less per day for women and two or fewer drinks per day for men (Shari, 2011). An individual who is using alcohol safely maximizes the positive effects of drinking (Shari, 2011). Alternatively, alcohol abuse occurs when an individual who is consciously aware of the negative consequences of the substance, continues to consume excessive amounts (Shari, 2011). Alcohol abuse is associated with many different health problems; therefore, it is important to understand what variables motivate alcohol use in order to deter future alcohol abuse. Alcohol use is most prevalent in young adults, therefore the motives for drinking alcohol in early adulthood (approx. 18-30) will be investigated. Widely recognized variables that contribute to alcohol use include; social motives, enhancement motives, coping motives, conformity motives and parental norms. It will be argued that both social motives and enhancement motives significantly contribute to alcohol use among young adults.
Social motives for consuming alcohol include social rewards such as peer acceptance, approval or feelings of belonging (Cooper, as cited in Lyvers, Hasking, Hani, Rhodes, & Trew, 2010). Research indicates that social motives tend not to be associated with regular and problematic alcohol behaviour (Read, Wood, Kahler, Maddock, & Palfai, as cited in Lyvers et al.,…

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