Alcohol Drinking Festival Culture

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Alcohol drinking is also part of this festival culture where adults used to celebrate by drinking beer made from different places. This famous culture and tradition of wide variety of food is no longer appreciated during festivals like mardi gras due to alcohol. McDonalds and Subways are the options for people are getting freakishly drunk. Even though Louisiana has so many places where one can get such beautiful and delicious food. The significance of these food culture that brings out the unity and a moment of happiness to share within families is forgotten. Inspite of following these famous food festivals people are now attracted towards the different alcohol served in new Orleans on this day. Alcohol comsumption is encouraged from …show more content…
The music that is played in this festival is not just for entertainment but it also passes a certain message. For instance, Brass band is a common music in this festival which is just for entertainment. However, Ragtime is also common music style in this festival that is used to evoke mental images of the past. Other types of styles of music played in this festival are traditional jazz, Cajun music which is the Mardi Grass dance hall music, Zydeco and bounce music (Lipsitz, 2011). On top of that, New Orleans is the birth place of many artist and music styles. For instance, the Blues music has its roots in this place and most of the artist who are famous in the world got the inspiration from Mardi Grass festival. However, jazz music is the main type of music that dominates the festival. This is because jazz music is a combination of African, American, Indian and Europe anthems thus it unifies all the people who attend the festival. Specifically, there are some songs that are unique in the festival where some honor great legends and others contain the message of the festivals. Iko Iko by James the sugar boy is usually the song of the day. The song brings together all the groups in the festival where everyone is forced to move with its beat. Other songs that play round in the festival are Mardi Grass mambo by Hawketts, carnival time which is composed by Al Johnson and If I Ever Cease to Love U which …show more content…
The famous New Orleans tune “Iko Iko” with the lyrics, “My flag boy and your flag boy, sitting by the fire,” is rooted in Mardi Gras Indian tradition as is the New Orleans standard “Hey Pocky Way.” These all different history of jazz funk and blues that Louisiana holds are hardly depicted in Mardi gras these days. With all this music around and so much dancing and singing people generally forget the problems in life and tend to enjoy their spring break to the fullest. Getting drunk in the middle of a street with different funky music around and moving one’s hips to the unusual yet fun music has a pleasure of its own. This massive culture has a very long run history. Early rock and roll music started evolving around this place. New Orleans and mardi gras both are such important aspect in music revolution around the world and now these importance are throgully neglected. The refreshing jazz and blues are not longer played in bars or public places where people move their hips to. The songs nowadays are all popular rap songs or of some similar type that have no association with Mardi Gras culture or its traditions. These music have overtaken all the beautiful music significane of Louisiana and shadowed this aspect of Louisiana and mardi gras too. Now people tend to use music as an enhancer for alcohol rather than it being the reciprocal. New Orleans is also the birthplace of the Sazerac and

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