Alcohol And Drug Abuse Are The Most Common Issues Of Today 's World

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Everyone always agrees that alcohol and drug abuse are the most common issues of today 's world. How may that be? - Advertisement! Advertising is meant to broadcast products and to persuade and inform people. Also, it helps manufacturers sell their products. Ads for alcohol and drugs are everywhere, in magazines, on television, on the radio, in newspapers, and by word of mouth. Being so excited about the transitioning of adulthood and becoming entangled in a web of peer pressure, teens and young adults neglect the laws or rules enforced in their lifetime by parents, teachers and other authorities. Some people view the abuse as being cool or fun, especially when trying to “fit in”. But most of today 's younger population fails to realize they were born to stand out. Yes, the first amendment allows freedom of speech and it is judicial for older adults to drink alcoholic beverages and use legal drugs, but where should the line be drawn? People are at a more impressionable stage from the age of 16-20. Some adolescents can be convinced that smoking and drinking is the lifestyle to live. They never really consider the effects, short or long term, at the time. Alcohol and drug use affects organs and frequent indulgence can increase chance of certain cancers and other bodily diseases. Also, there is a possibility for a person to become an alcoholic or a drug addict. (National Institute on Drug Abuse) Many factors may have influences on an underage person 's drinking or drug…

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