Alcohol Abuse And Substance Abuse Essay

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Following, Dengenhardt and colleagues’s survey ( 2013, p.1) showed that 52% of boys and 34% of girls between 14 and 15 years reported binge drinking past week of experiment and 90% of male and 70% of female early onset teenage drinkers continued their binge drinking pattern till their young adulthood time.

Consequently, Jennison (2004, p.659) also verified college binge drinkers are more likely to develop one or more alcohol related diagnostic criteria such as alcohol abuse and dependence in post college years compared to non-alcohol drinkers. In line with Jennison’s study, the research (National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse, 2002, cited in Doran et al, 2006, P.1920) depicted that the early starting drinking in adolescent is related to developing alcohol issues as well as trying other illicit drugs ( Barnow et al., 2004, Zeigler et al., 2005, Besculides & Laraque, 2004, cited in Doran et al, 2006, p.1920).
Moreover, Dengenhardt and colleagues (2013, p.6) argued that early heavy binge drinkers particularly male adolescent binge drinkers who had alcohol related adverse experiences including black out after intense drinking, social problems, early onset sexual behaviours, early regular marijuana use and physical harm tend to continue risky drinking and using illicit substances in young adulthood.

On the contrary of previous arguments which early initiation of alcohol develops early marijuana use, recent study from Crosta and Guerrerob (2012) found interesting…

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