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Alcatraz was said to be the most secured prison in the world. But like any prison, people can escape. But was that the same for Alcatraz? I have known people in county jails thinking about leaving, but were there people brave enough to take on Alcatraz’s guards and escape? I believe, before doing any research, that people did not escape since Alcatraz was very secured. First off, we have to know the difference between Alcatraz and other jails. “The difference between Alcatraz and other jails is that Alcatraz is a prison. A jail is a place that holds people for a short amount of time. When people are just arrested, jail is the place for them. When people are sentenced, most likely, they will be going to a jail, whether it’s a county jail or …show more content…
He named one of them Alcatraces. The definition of Alcatraz could mean ‘pelican’ or ‘strange bird.’ In 1850, the U.S. Military started to use Alcatraz because of a presidential order. The Gold Rush led to the Military building a Citadel (a fortress defending a place) in the early 1850s. Alcatraz was also the place where the first operational lighthouse was at” (An Introduction to Alcatraz Island). “Alcatraz held the most violent people, including Al ‘Scarface’ Capone, Robert Stroud, “Birdman of Alcatraz,” and Frank Morris. There were about 250 inmates in Alcatraz. Out of those 250, 36 people made 14 escape attempts. Of the 36, 23 were caught, 6 were shot, and the remaining 5 (Frank Morris and the Angelins) went missing and were declared dead. Morris and the other 4 were the only people who successfully escaped Alcatraz” ("Alcatraz - Quick Facts"). Alcatraz had ways to torture their prisoners. Some ways that they tortured their prisoners were force feeding, beatings, environmental torture, and one they called “The Hole.” “Force feeding was when they would strap you in a chair, then used a lever to open your mouth, forced a rubber tube down your throat, and then they would shove food down your throat. The food that they gave you was a mixture of milk, sugar, and eggs” (Alcatraz - Torture and …show more content…
“The Hole was a dungeon with no lights or sounds. Officers used this to mentally abuse the prisoners. Once in The Hole, you start hallucinating and develop extreme sensory confusion since it had no lights or sound. Some even went past that point, to the point of psychosis (a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality), depression, and even suicide” (Alcatraz - Torture and Punishment). Alcatraz was running from 1933 until it was closed in 1963. It was closed because of rising costs and rotting institutions. Alcatraz was considered to be the most expensive. It was shown that even other prisons that give the same punishment would cost less. Also, it was expensive because the things transported were food, water, and other supplies. It was also closed down because transporting was far more expensive than other national prisons. The person who closed it was Robert F. Kennedy, who was the attorney general at the time” ("Alcatraz - Quick

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