Essay about Albert Fish : A Man Made Murderer

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Albert Fish: A Man Made Murderer
Albert Fish was irreversibly affected by his environment and the figures of importancein his life. In the case of nature vs nurture, due to Fish’s abusive and twisted upbringing, his state of mind was permanently altered and forever corrupted. His traits of sado-masochism, being a sex pervert, cannibalism, coprophilia, urophilia, and pedophilia were introduced to him at a young age which led his actions towards his victims to be beyond cruel.
Albert was the youngest of his siblings (Walter, Annie, and Edwin Fish) growing up, two of which were institutionalized for alcholism and the other for being "feeble mided" (; they were from a line of people for whom had mental illness was common. One of his uncles specifically suffered from religious mania, and eventually so would Albert. His father first worked as a river boat captain, he then moved to pursue a carreer as a fertilizer manufacturer; unfortunately, however, he sucummed to a heart attack and died. His mother was then unable to support him financially and placed him in an orphanage. It was here, in the most crucial years of a younge mans life and development, that he was severely abused, most commonly with beatings; it was here that he found he enjoyed pain. His mother regained a state of financial stability, having obtained a job with the government, and reclaimed the responsibility of her sons care. By then, however,…

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