Alan Paton 's Cry, The Beloved Country Essay

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Faith is one of the strongest assets one can attain to help them get over obstacles and through adversity. Alan Paton talks mostly about faith as a religious and spiritual symbol, with this he demonstrates that those with a strong faith to help characters in need find a sense of peace or happiness. Paton implies that all without faith will at some point become corrupted. In Alan Paton’s Cry, The Beloved Country Paton demonstrates how those with faith are able to find joy and peace despite adversities. Steven Kumalo has had to face much difficulty and suffering, but through his faith he was able to pull through and find peace. Steven’s life has been a road of ups and downs, starting with traveling to Johannesburg to help his “sick” sister. Later on after Kumalo discovers that his sister is a prostitute, and that his son has committed a murder resulting in the death of a white man, he concludes that, “the tribe is broken and could be mended no more” (121). Alan Paton describe a scene to show that Kumalo has lost all hope in mending his family back together. After seeing this desperation in his friend Msimangu reads a bible verse aloud which seems to spark life into Kumalo. Kumalo goes on to thank Msimangu by saying, “brother I am recovered” (124). Through faith alone Msimangu has instilled a new found belief in Kumalo that Kumalo will someday be able to mend his family back together. In one of the toughest times a father can face, the death or in this case execution of a…

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