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Airplanes: Airbus A380

The Airplanes have always been an amazing sight to behold, even to think of the engineering in an aircraft is unbelievable. The science that goes into a modern aircraft is just amazing. Despite having supersonic fighter jets, or rumored futuristic Hypersonic jets that travel at speeds of Mach 11 (Black Project), they have very humble beginnings. Before the Wright brothers had their success in North Carolina (United States) people were already dreaming of flying through the air, some even flew. Leonardo Da Vinci was well known for the Ornithopter. An apparent flying machine designed to carry man through the air (Flying Machine). But people were flying through the air even before Da Vinci. as early as 200 BC a Chinese General named Han Hsin, who would use kites to fly himself over walls for reconnaissance purpose (Cornish, Joseph J 1975). Today people like to travel in style, and yes, we have supersonic and rumored Hypersonic jets, it is the experience that drives people to the sky. One of the world’s best airlines, Emirates Airline, has some luxury to add to the experience. While traveling, today’s travelers look for comfort, luxury, and a safer way to travel.

Aviation has come a long way from dreams to reality and is still making progress. Today’s airplanes offer top of the line comfort. First let’s start with the aircraft. The world’s biggest passenger airliner is the Airbus A380, and it has the world’s quietest interior of any passenger airliner.…

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