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Airbnb, Inc.
Marketing Plan

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situational Analysis 3 Company Analysis 3 Company and Marketing Objectives 4 Screening Criteria 5 Company Resources 5 Present Marketing Strategy 6 Marketing Collaborators - Current & Potential 7 Political and Legal 7 Competitive Analysis 9 Customer Analysis 11 Demographic Data 12 Market Analysis 12 Who is the target market? 12 Problem and Opportunity Summary 13 S.W.O.T and Key Factors from Situational Analysis 14 Strengths of Airbnb 14 Weaknesses of Airbnb 14 Opportunities of Airbnb 15 Threats of Airbnb 15 Target Market 15 Positioning Strategy 20 Other Core Strategies 22 Product 23 Product Life Cycle 27 Channels 27
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Below we assess the company, their competitors, and the hospitality environment. We have included the S.W.O.T. analysis to enable Airbnb to see what areas need attention and how to move forward towards a market increase goal.
Company Analysis Airbnb started in 2008 in San Francisco, CA, as a means for its company's founders to pay the rent by sharing space in their apartment. Using air mattresses, they got conference participants to rent the space, when there was no more room in the city's hotels. This began the model for the perfect solution of bringing together host providers and renters. Over the years it has grown into a billion-dollar corporation using a popular concept of “sharing economy”. The objectives of the company started simple, its mission as stated by Paul Graham, a Y Combinator cofounder: "It's better to have 100 people love you than a million people that sort of like you." (Thompson, 2013)With this idea in mind, the company set out to enter the huge market opportunities in the business travel industry.
Airbnb focused on the business traveler in the beginning of its inception. They used the rapid development of the peer-to-peer online market to defy the traditional business rental services. In effect, Airbnb took sharing and renting to a new level by capitalizing on the growth of Internet social media trends. Details about the success and

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