Essay on Air Travel Is Nowhere Near Comfortable

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Air travel is nowhere near comfortable. A message from Dr. Florence Thomson written in response to an article published in The British Medical Journal in 1953 was, “most passengers are quite unable to rest in comfort in the position allowed, and sleep is quite impossible except in very short snatches” (996). In 2016, nothing changed for the better in this regard; CNN recently published an article about the disruptive passengers in flights and incidents of air rage in airplanes (McKirdy). What did change significantly is what comes before boarding the airplane. It has been 15 years since that horrifying day in September 2001. The day the twin towers in New York were attacked by civil airplanes, carrying innocent passengers. I was only a four-year-old child. The security measures that were implemented in airports as a result of the attacks still affect me and millions of other passengers today. Being an international student in the United States means that I take flights that take up to 26 hours of my life. During one of those flights, I had an eight-hours layover in London Heathrow airport in England. Eight hours in one of the busiest airports in the world mean a lot of passengers, a lot of flights, and a lot of time to observe. I observed as passengers from different flights going into different parts of the planet lined up to board their airplanes. I observed as some of them were searched. Most of those processes and procedures we see in airports today can be traced back to…

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