The Importance Of Air Safety

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The experience of a pilot or their confidence in the years can be described as significant factors concerns but not of more weight than aviation safety when it comes to flying. It is important that the industry player, stake holders and concerned parties have an understanding and the application of aviation safety policies and practices which is key to the safety of the passengers, civilian and the plane itself. There can be a significant decrease in accidents, injuries and deaths from aero plane failures if the involved persons have an understanding of how to prevent flight issues before they manifest and the implementation of the standard safety procedures.
Every aircraft, from their startup design in the factory to their operational duties
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Different studies conducted aimed at establishing the effects of various variables on given situations which are related to aviation safety.
According to Shyur (2007), statistically, approximately 70% of aviation accidents are attributed to human error and nearly 56% of global lose accidents are as a result of the flight crews’ negligence. Maintenance, flying and monitoring of the aircraft all require a significant involvement of the humans with some assistance offered by the computers. From this, it can be claimed that all accidents, big or small, have some traces of human error (Griffin, 2010). This, therefore, means that the accidents occurred can be said to be due to maintenance issues, faulty spares, oversight among other causes. By estimating the human error related risk on given time duration that is expected on a given aircraft and adjusting to the required safety procedures could greatly provide insight on the situations that need thorough surveillance from the safety
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As highlighted in the paper, most of these issues affect the outcome of an event. Theoretically, human factors can be compared to the airport and other significant technical factors. But when correctly analyzed the airport and technical factors have a significant effect on the sector. It can also be expressed that the aviation safety, can, to a large extent be affected by the controllable aspects (maintenance, labor). Considering that all the variables in play are influenced by the technological aspects and human management, it is quite explainable. Additionally, it is evident that tangible elements, for instance, the technology used in Air traffic control, maintenance pattern, and design have a significant role to play in matters concerned with aviation safety. This, therefore, poses that up to a certain level, it is possible to understand and implement safety procedures in an acceptable

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