Air Defense Artillery As A Great Asset During The Battle Of Luzon

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Air Defense Artillery is a very important part of The United States Army. Air Defense was a great asset during the Battle of Luzon. The 200th Coast Artillery Regiment provided Air Defense on the Islands of the Philippines for the Filipinos and United States Forces retreating. The United States and Philippine forces provided weapon systems and defense layouts for threats that were encountered. This encounter led The United States Army to replace old weapon systems with new weapon systems, and evolved the United States Army Artillery Branch. “It was the 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) — the original full Regiment — who is credited as being the “First to Fire” on December 8, 1941” (New, 2016). This paper will emphasize how The 200th Coast Artillery Regiment contributed to the adaptation of the Artillery Branch in The United States Army. The 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Regiment also known as “The Regiment” played a very pivotal role in Air Defense history. The 200th Regiment moved all their personnel and their equipment from the mainland to the Philippines, and took up defensive positions at Fort Stotsenberg, which was located roughly 75 miles north of Manila on 26 September of 1941. The 200th Regiment spent the coming months training and getting used to their surroundings at Fort Stotsenberg (Staff, 2009). Our leaders in Washington needed to show that they supported MacArthur in the Philippines and the 200th was chosen. After all they proved in…

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