Aids : A Time Riddled With Fear, Uncertainty, And Ignorance Essay

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Question 4

It was a time riddled with fear, uncertainty, and ignorance. Sufferers of HIV/AIDS were at the mercy of their unknown affliction and were being completely ignored or discriminated against by their families, their peers, and their governments. Much like the March on Washington, rallies for women’s suffrage, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, it was time to make a statement that would demonstrate the severity of the cause and hopefully generate attention and concern for those suffering with AIDS. ACTUP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, was formed in March of 1987 in response to the lack of concern and mismanagement of the AIDS crisis in the United States. Not only was the American government handling the epidemic poorly, it really wasn’t handling it at all. The government was deliberately ignoring the ever-more concerning and prevalent issue of AIDS. The government’s blatant inaction spurred concerned citizens and AIDS patients to form ACTUP to bring attention to the disease and force the government into action. Often, the agendas of activist groups like ACT UP and its parallel organizations in other countries must draw attention to their cause using blunt and sometimes vulgar and graphic images, phrases, and action. This type of approach encourages media coverage, and this almost guarantees a response from the target organization. In the case of ACT UP, the target organization was really the United States government as a whole. In order to prompt a…

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