Essay on Agriculture 's Effect On Human Life

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Sustainable Development
Daniel Singh
Engineering and the Profession
Dr. Leo Oriet
Friday, November 21, 2014

Singh 2 Food has proved to be the most important item needed to sustain human life on earth. Without food, humans would not have the energy to complete basic tasks. Acquiring food may seem like an easy task, however, there are a few processes that need to be taken into effect to extract these food items. Agriculture has been developed to aid with the production of food in large quantities to support larger groups of people. Agriculture’s effect on human life, the importance of water for sustaining human life, and the equilibrium achieved through agriculture are all important factors regarding sustaining human life and the many resources needed to continue life. Agriculture has made a positive improvement in the lives of humans for many years after being implemented. The lifestyle of humans today has drastically improved over the last 100 000 years or so. From scouring the area for tiny shrubs to hunting animals with bare hands, the issue for humans from thousands of years ago was whether or not food would be available for another meal. Today, many processes have been deployed to combat this issue. Huge farmlands with plentiful fruits and vegetables as well as different species of livestock provide the food necessary for survival. Cultural invention is a theory that assumed humans could quickly develop agriculture and replace the savage methods of…

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