Agriculture Is The Largest Employer Essay examples

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Agriculture is the largest employer in the United States. There are many parts to agriculture that people don’t understand from the city and other non-agriculture areas. Agriculture is often called a large umbrella because it covers so many areas. Under that umbrella, there are many smaller umbrellas like livestock, crops, seed, equipment, and the banking side of things. Agriculture is a large part of out everyday lives and people don’t even realize it. Raising livestock is a very large part in agriculture. All meat and milk that you see at the grocery store comes from the livestock industry. Anything from steak to milk, is raised for us to eat and drink. The livestock industry for cattle is broken in to 3 parts: cow-calf operation, feed-lot operation, and meat processing. It all starts with a cow having a calf. From there a calf is raised by its mother then weaned later to be moved to a feed lot. At the feed lot, the calf is fed grain and hay to gain weight to be sold as a cow at the market. At the market, the cow is sold to local beef lockers to be killed and processed to be turned in to meat. The meat is then shipped to your local grocery store for people to eat. Feed is another large part of the livestock industry. Feed is a very high dollar industry that can affect the price on meat extremely. Feed, also called grain, is fed to the animals to fatten them up for market. In that feed, they’re many additives to the grain including vitamins and minerals. These allow the…

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