Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhi The Mother's Mother And Mothers

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Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born to Nikola and Drana Bojaxhiu on August 26th 1910. Agnes grew up in Skopje, Serbia. She was the youngest of three children and grew up in a stable and nurturing environment. Her father was a well-known man in their town and liked by many; however, unusual circumstances occurred around the death. After his death Agnes’s mother took over as the main source of income, and although she had her hands full with her own children she provided food and refuge for those in need. Nikola provided Agnes with a good foundation for her faith and many other virtuous attributes. For instance one night Agnes and her siblings were gather together telling stories and jokes when the lights suddenly went out. Her mother then appeared and told the children that she would not waste light on such nonsense.
As Agnes grew up her relationship with Christ was strengthened and at the age of 12 she heard the Lord call her to give her life to him. Agnes, seeking to do
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Mother Teresa experienced what she described as years of darkness. During these years Mother Teresa felt total seclusion from the Lord and his guidance. Mother Teresa lived her life off of the words that she received years ago from the Lord, and only once after she received her call from the Lord was her seclusion ended. This rare occurrence happen at a mass the day after Pope Pius XII’s death. Not much was known about this trouble sometime in Mother Teresa’s life except for a few letter that she had written to her spiritual guide. In her letter Mother Teresa would cry out to the Lord and began him to remove the silence that she felt consume her. Eventually Mother Teresa came to an understanding that, as a spiritual bride of Christ, she much join the suffering of Christ and through the suffering allow Christ to shape and mold her. Mother Teresa’s goal in life was one of total sacrifice give until it

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