Agile Software Development Model Development Essay

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents: 1
Table of Figures 2of Investment of resources into people who leave the company after being trained in agile and the effort required to train new or old programmers to work with the agile ideology.
2.2.1 The Agile Model
Agile Software development
The agile development method is a hybrid between the incremental and iterative development model. The Agile software development ideology constitutes many offshoot development models; these include Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum and Dynamic System development model (DSDM). These models vary in the finer details of how these practices are implemented and are named, however, the core values in all of the agile development models are the same. (Elbana and Sarker, 2016)
The agile software development model focuses on the creation of high quality software speedily by incremental software delivery and close collaboration with stakeholders. The emphasis on incremental delivery means that the product is continuously evaluated during development. Emphasis is placed on teamwork throughout development. The agile ideology emphasises on creativity and respects the fact that scenarios differ unlike many traditional development models, hence its current rising popularity. (Capterra, 2016)
Figure 3 Agile lifecycle
• Unnecessary planning is discouraged and design changes are encouraged
• Can work with undefined end visions/goals
• Fast high quality product delivery and work is continuously…

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