Agile And Rapid Application Development Model

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Purpose and aims:
Nowadays, there are several mobile applications released in marketplaces daily. Most mobile development agencies apply software development model to their development teams such as Waterfall, Agile and Rapid Application Development model. Many arguments on which software development model is the best are discussed. However, these issues are related with several factors, for instance, size of projects, developer skills, tools, etc. Based on these arguments, it raises me a question on how we can measure and conclude which software development model is the best fit to mobile application industry. In this research, I will use Agile and Rapid Application Development model to investigate the issue and direction of mobile application
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Research Plan:
This research will investigate on the behavior of both models which affect the mobile application development industry. Requirements, enhancements and customer satisfaction will be applied on both Agile and Rapid Application Development model as a case study to find advantages and disadvantage between them. The research will be organized by starting with collecting and investigating case studies based on old projects from several mobile development agencies. Moreover, in order to reduce the number of variables used for the investigating step, the similar type of applications will be selected only one application as its specific group.
However, according to each development model, namely Agile and Rapid Application Development model, they are constructed by several phases. Therefore, in this paper, the output of each phase based on three parameters below will be accumulated and investigated.
1. Effort (Both estimated effort and actual effort will be compared)
2. Number of Stakeholders
3. Quality of Work Products: defects will be categorized into 3 levels which are high, medium and
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However, the case studies and formal research in research paper are few. According to Corral L et al. [2], the authors pointed out that the existing papers provided the information of advantages of Agile model in practical evidences are unclear. Therefore, they studied about whether Agile development model is beneficial on mobile systems or not. Moreover, the Agile method was also studied by Abrahamsson P and Diane Strode [1] [4], a comparative technique was used to determine what is an Agile method.
Many mobile development tools were released in the market which supports cross-platform mobile development. Survey, comparisons and evaluation based on three different tools which were PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha Touch had done by Dalmasso et al. [3]. This research concluded that so as to gain the benefit about these tools, the developers had to build mobile application covering several aspects of the tools. However, there are few researches on how these tools can improve and reduce development time, efforts and number of stakeholder.
There is no right solutions on which development models are the best fit to the mobile application because some approaches are suitable when apply to small scale project but not to large scale project as mention by Wasserman

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