Aggression Between Male And Female Essay

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Aggression between Male and Female
When one mention aggression, it has always been said that it is something animals have. Although human are found to known that they are one of the leading species in this planet to have an aggressive behavior. In human we have notice there a different aspect and levels of aggression. Physical, sexual, verbal and mental abuse is all included in some form of aggression (O’Shea et al., 2014). The factors such as a person response on the act are contributed to the amount of aggressiveness. Aggressive behaviors are prone in men than women because men are more aggressive due to nature and act on their aggression (Wilkowski, Crowe, & Ferguson, 2015). Research shows aggression can never be destroyed, but can be controlled and treated with the person will. Research shows that genetic and psychosocial factors are multifaceted spectacle aggression. Many psychologists have argued aggression topics but come out with different perspectives and outcome. Thing like insult (threats, or sarcasm) verbal, mental, physical attack is all part of describing aggression. There are two types of aggression known, hostile and instrumental (McMillan et al., 2015).
Feeling of hence anger developments is due to hostile aggression such as pain inflictions, which deliberately done to harm another (hitting, throwing thing etc…). On the other hand, an unintentional act of aggression is instrumental aggression. Instrumental aggression may sometimes cause harm such as…

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