Why Bonobos Are Like Humans

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Pan paniscus is also closely related to the humans and very like humans in having rare cases of having aggressive encounters on normal basis. Aggressive encounters between males and females ae rare and the males are tolerant to the infants and juvenile. The less aggression in bonobos is because when a female enters a community, she has sexual relationships with the older male and both groom each other suppressing any kind of aggression that could occur (Wrangham and Peterson, 1996). Unlike in other primates, this is hardly seen. The males must forcefully have sex with the females instead of having mutual understanding. That’s why bonobos are like humans. Humans also have an understanding with the opposite sex which makes the violence and aggression …show more content…
Violence has been a part of every century first among primates and then humans. Considering a few primates like gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutan, and bonobos and their aggressive characteristics. Mostly, these primates had shown violence either to achieve resources to survive or to mate with the females when they were unable to attract them. Like in orangutans, the small males were unable to attract the females as they were attracted towards the big males. This lead them to forceful copulation. However, in chimpanzees you see a different case. Even having a proper relationship with females, they like to get extremely aggressive with the females. Either its by kicking, pulling, or slapping her. They basically try to show their power/dominance to the females by doing this. In bonobos, you’ll see the opposite case. Both male and female have a healthy relationship going on which makes them calm and less aggressive. Lastly, in gorillas, you see the males killing their infants by biting them on their bodies. All these different kinds of violence make us think that there should be a gene or a biological process in these primates that makes them this violent. No clear evidence but some hypothesis like warrior gene hypothesis and Darwin’s natural selection hypothesis has been linked with these violent attacks. Also, how humans and chimpanzees are the most similar ones when it comes to violence in groups and the most calming ones as well like bonobos while mating. So, did the humans evolved the violence from the primates? It’s hard to answer because they are a lot of researches and studies that show us that the social behavior of primates might have passed on to the future generations (humans), but we don’t have the exact evidence to claim it is a fact. So, it remains a mystery whether human violence has

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