Agency And Empowerment Through Sexuality Essay

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Agency and Empowerment through Sexuality:
A Feminist Critique of Garbiel García Márquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold Gabriel García Márquez’s novella, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, tells the disjointed story of a murder that took place many years prior to its narration. The identity of the victim is Santiago Nasar; a handsome, wealthy, and young Arab man. He is murdered because a young woman names him as her partner when she is disgracefully returned to her parents’ home on her wedding night. Examining this novella through the lens of Feminist Theory provides multiple insights into culturally imposed sexism, and causes the reader to reconsider the identity of the true victim of this disjointed male-driven tale. In an article titled "Feminist Critical Theories," Deborah Rhodes classifies Feminist Theories as those which “seek to promote equality between men and women,” “make gender a focus of analysis”, and “aspire to describe the world in ways that correspond to women’s experience and that identify the fundamental social transformations necessary for full equality between the sexes” (619). Furthermore, Rhodes writes that “what distinguishes feminist critical theories from other analysis is both the focus on gender equality and the conviction that it cannot be obtained under existing ideological and institutional structures” (619). The application of these concepts to literature through Feminist Literary Theory brings to light the male dominance asserted in the…

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