Agape Is A Philosophical Philosophy

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Register to read the introduction… Agape is also said to be the love of God. Now agape is, in my personal opinion, a very interesting kind of love. Because it’s related to God and it’s point to love any fellow human being, can be very irrational in a sense that loving a complete stranger should be normal, when it comes to this type of love. How can you know if the unknown person you’re loving in a way is actually worth loving. Besides all this, I now understand, why there’s a saying: „For the love of God“, meaning to have mercy or to not judge. Agape means to love your fellow man or is said to be the love of God, therefore the saying now makes complete sense to …show more content…
The question would be the following: Is love a serious philosophical problem? Since philosophy can be translated to be the love for wisdom, then one might say, having acquired this information, that love is indeed a serious philosophical problem. Because love is such a big word with a meaning greater than anything. It’s so complex, it is so hard to understand love and it’s meaning, that it has to be a serious philosophical problem, since philosophy is a love for wisdom. Since you want and love wisdom, you want knowledge. Not knowing or understand the meaning of love, can be taken as a lack of wisdom in that sense. So that’s one of the ways to look and understand the question stated before. There is indeed a way to interperate the question about love being a serious philosophical problem in a whole different way. We could say, that love is just a feeling, that it can’t be theoretically explained, it can only be felt. Therefore understanding love couldn’t be knowledge, it could only be an experience. So if philosophy deals with knowledge, not feelings, then we might come to a different conclusion from the first

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