Essay about Against Love By Kathrine Philips

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“Against Love,” by Kathrine Philips, is a poem that was written in the seventeen century. This poem is based on rejection of love. There is a high price, when it comes to love, and there is no need for it, if it ends up being destructive. The narrator makes it indistinct that there is no need to get caught up in love, and a person can live their life content, without being in love. Kathrine’s works are highly respected. There are countless thoughts that come to mind about the poem’s message. The development, the history, and the person that put it together used many devices that has given this poem strength to last many centuries later. Love is not perfect, even if the picture is painted perfectly. Furthermore, “Against Love” is a poem that can be seen through the eyes of a person with no interest in being involved with the love of another person. The first words of the poem “Hence Cupid,” (Line 1) show that the idea of love is not welcomed. The poem states, “Him whose heart is all his own” (11). This line refers to the concept that a person can love themselves and still be at peace. The narrator also states, “Peace and liberty dose crown, he apprehends no killing frown” (12-13). By not giving the heart away, a person cannot get hurt. An additional example, of this message is, “and only that will injure them do crave” (5). Though humans refuse to be hurt, it is clear that they crave love, even if there is a chance that their heart will be broken. The thought of love is…

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