Aft Task 4, Wgu Essay

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AFT Task 4: Periodic Performance Review

Accreditation Audit Case
The accreditation process is designed to assist healthcare establishment to identify and enhance the patient’s safety and the quality of service delivery. This paper presents a review of the readiness Nightingale Community Hospital for accreditation audit. The paper comprises of a periodic performance review of the establishment. The review has focus of several priority areas. These areas include; assessment and care; quality improvement; patient safety, and staffing effectiveness. Trend within the hospital indicates the Nightingale has made significant progress towards fulfilling the standards of the Joint Review Commission. However, the trends in staffing
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Effectiveness in communicating critical results is also a vital element in the delivery of care. Critical results are results that are outside the normal range and may present a life threatening situation (Khorasani, 2009). Hospital procedures need to ensure the communication of critical results in timely and responsible manner. The Joint Commission standards require hospitals to report critical results within 60 minutes. The survey reveals that Nightingale is 80% compliant with this standard, which is a noteworthy improvement from previous years. However, there is still room for further improvements.

Effectiveness in communicating other medication information is also an essential element in the delivery of care. In some cases, medical practitioners give verbal instructions to the patients (Alberta College of Pharmacists, 2007). These instructional are mainly in the form of prescriptions. Verbal communication of prescription is prone to error. Therefore, Joint Commission communication standards require practitioners to authenticate verbal orders within 48 hours. The endoscopy, surgical and CCU units have recorded significant standards in terms of adhering to this communication standard. However, a lot of development is required in the ortho unit (Alberta College of Pharmacists, 2007). Nightingale has also recorded significant improvements in communication by minimizing the use of unacceptable

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