Africana Philosophy By Lewis R. Gordon Essay

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In Introduction to Africana Philosophy by Lewis R. Gordon, The question of who is who among the intellectuals and scholars resonated with me throughout the text. In the world of philosophy the question of Africana philosophy is considered philosophy in comparison to the hegemonic form of thought and philosophy. Gordon presented a common theme throughout the text of what does it mean to be human, which left me pondering on several questions, who are we, how did we get in this predicament, how did we get on the underside, and how do we see each other in an expanded lens? If Gordon’s goal was to have the readers look into Africana philosophy as modern day philosophy, he accomplished it by giving me insight in the study of Africana philosophy as very diverse field. He states, “Africana philosophers, as we will see, are some of those who see the liberating aspects of thought among those who live this question of the underside of the modern world” (Gordon pg. 32). With insight and very detailed coverage, he introduced me as the reader to the development of Africana philosophy through the expanded lens of those thinkers who are not traditionally regarded and characterized as philosophers.
In Part I, Gordon begins with the groundings of Africana Philosophy in a historical context, since the age of modernity after 1492, a hegemonic shift occurred where dominance through expansion, colonization and imperialism gave Europeans power, and a “new center” arrived. With the West as the…

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