African Slavery During The United States Essay

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African slavery began in North America in 1619 in Jamestown Virginia. Fear of slave revolt seems to be a permanent fact of plantation life “ADD A COMMENT” A law passed in 1639 decreeing that all persons except Negros can bear arms. This law was passed to ensure the continued dominance/oppression of the Negros. Civilizations that employed slave laborers had to take measures of control of the slaves. Keep in mind, there were many races that were enslaved. In Spain, many of the criminals were utilized as slave laborers. In the earlier days of man, the Jews were enslaved by the Romans.
The Virginian’s of 1619 were desperate for labor in order to grow food to stay alive. As the population grew, so did the demand for more food. This became a major issue because the purpose of settling here in North America was all about prospering. Coming up with a means to fill the supply for demand, the Europeans had to find a way to get the job done. Although the Indians were initially targeted as the laborers, it was determined very early on that they would not be a people to succumb to slavery. The Indians were greater in number and therefore harder to rangle into slavery. White servants had not been brought over in sufficient quantity. Black slaves were the answer. WHY WERE THEY THE ANSWER” Some say that the first blacks in Virginia were considered servants just like white indentured servants that came across the atlantic with the first settlers. Even if the blacks were…

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