Opposition To Slavery Essay

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Slavery has long been the subject of heated debates between the north and the south. Slavery was a growing moral issue with many northerns. The gradual opposition of slavery in the north had been moving across the nation throughout the nineteenth century. Among the many underlying forces that brought out the opposition of slavery, the major forces surfaced. While political differences and the differing moral viewpoints of the northern and southern states led to the opposition of slavery, the growing opposition of slavery was mainly an effect of western expansion.

As the United States began to expand westward, it also began to expand its opposition to slavery. Western expansion had the largest effect on the opposition of slavery mainly due
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Many northern manufacturers didn’t depend on slavery as much as the southerns plantation owners did. They fought against the continuance of slavery, which helped the abolitionist step out and help put an end to slavery. The anti slavery sentiment was being recognized all throughout the north. The court 's decision on abolishing slavery in massachusetts claimed that all men were born equal and free and every person was entitled to liberty (DOC B). Massachusetts was one of the first states where the abolition movement started. They believed that slavery should be abolished because every person should be treated equal. As the number of abolitionists began to expand, so did the number of northerners opposed to slavery. Many northerners began to see the problems of slavery from a moral perspective. They believed that it morally right to own slaves because they deserved to be treated as equal citizens. The concern of whether slavery should now be abolished completely became the focus of debate. Some people began to see blacks as deserving to be equal. In 1810, an african american minister, Benjamin Rush, was granted $500 by residents of Philadelphia to build himself a church (DOC C). This act shows that the citizens must have felt that blacks and whites deserved equality because they claimed that his teachings could benefit a majority of the community, regardless of his skin color. This was just one action that showed blacks have worth and should be treated the same as the whites. As more people began to see the moral issue of slavery, stronger abolitionists who wanted the emancipation of all slaves began to stand out. William Lloyd Garrison called for the end of slavery, throughout the country he claimed he would do all that he could to help, Garrison wanted to give the colored population the same rights as white men (DOC E). William was the founder of the anti-slavery newspaper,

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