African Diaspora And The Slave Trade Essay

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African Diaspora has to do with the forced movement of a group of people with weaponry. How with the forced movement of these people they were separated out throughout the world. When this took place many of their languages was beaten out of them so that they can learn they had no way of communicating to each other without the higher being knowing. With this the African were unable to migrate back to their mother land and were forced to work under horrid conditions and work for free with no guarantee of either being free. When the African were forced to move many of them. Many of these people were involved in the slave trading that involved the Europeans and soon slavery came into play. With the slave trade the Europeans were able to not only use the salves for themselves, but to sell them to others places for things they needed. How this connects to transnationalism involves having production in various places with has to do with how the African were dispersed in many different areas of the world and helped with the process of production because of the amount of labor they had encompassed with their time in the slave labor trading. With transnational monopolies the African made it possible for many companies to develop because they were the main reason for why produces were being produced because they were forced to work and with the dispersal of them they were able to work from many different place to help to develop them nationally. Making them more of a competitor to…

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