African Culture : From Corruption Essay

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African Culture: From Corruption to Change
According to Transparency International, within the continent of Africa, the majority of countries (vast majority) slant towards the bottom of the scale of corruption, with Somalia and South Sudan having the lowest ratings of all the countries, yet other countries are thriving such as Batswana and Namibia. (Transparency International, 2014) Among the issues facing many of these countries is the issues of abject poverty, poor government infrastructure, and corruption making it difficult for businesses to thrive in many of these countries, despite their incredible resources. It is important to explore the spectrum of why some countries have thrived through globalization and others have failed, and how some parts of Africa begun to thrive.
The paradox is that many of these countries are rich in raw materials and resources making it ideal to do business: however, the average business is savvy enough to stay away from countries that have continuous political and social upheaval. The main points to consider for why business and the cultural perceptions regarding corruption is not necessarily that corruption is always lower in these other countries, but rather, corruption is perceived lower. In Namibia, “social tolerance of corruption” and “fear of retribution” appear to be the main contributing factors to corrupt practices. (Stephann, 2010) In many countries, corruption can be linked to things like a lower level of literacy with certain…

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