Essay on African Culture And Its Influence On Society

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During the 1900s there were various issues uprising in some countries due to violent wars, strive for equality, politics, and culture diffusion. All these issues made a huge impact on the evolution of the 1900s that cause numerous countries to want their independence. Independence meant freedom to the country to express and practice their own form of entertainment and beliefs. Although, many country had different traditional believe they all has a connect with the concept of music. Through music artists could express a person 's everyday struggles, emotion, and point of view. Majority of countries has their own style of music that made influences throughout the whole world.

Music has existences for many of years but, nobody truly knows the origin of where it began. Some believe it began in Africa due to their upright beats. Due to not knowing the true origin of music many culture develop their own rhythm which they added their own magic touch to it causing different genres to evolve. African culture was a big contribution to the development of blues that later then become rock and roll. Each musician added their own style to the song that they sang that made them famous. Becoming famous is what every musician dreamt about.

There were numerous artists that were becoming famous as the 1900s enter the 1960 but, my all time favorite was Janis Joplin. Joplin died at the age of 27 due an overdose but, even that did not stop her from having her song played all over.…

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