African Americans Impact On Art History Through The 1800 ' S 1950 '

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My exhibit examines the way which african americans had an impact on art history through the 1800’s-1950’s. African americans have had their impact in many ways, and those ways included specific artists, paintings, and events during that time. Even though each one of the artists may vary from background, the focus is on each on of the paintings and the story behind them. From this exhibit you will learn the different ways african americans were expressed throughout time. You can walk through an open environment and get a chance to view each one of the paintings and read the importance about the painting and the artist themselves. Group of Contrabands in 1862 is a photo that was taken by James F. Gibson. Gibson was one of the many northern photographers. Gibson is one of the war 's most significant photographers and was the least known. He emigrated to America with first his documented trip with George N. Barnard in March 1862. In addition to emigrating, he worked with Gardner at Gettysburg and many different sights, but Gibson 's own greatest legacy was the wide array of photographs he took while on the Virginia peninsula. Virginia is where one of his most famous photos Group of Contrabands was taken place. The photo shows a group of african american slaves. These slaves include women, men, and even their children all together outside. The building their gathered at is outside of the Foller Plantation in Cumberland Landing, Pamunkey Run, Virginia. During the time of the…

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