African Americans Faced Multiple Challenges Throughout American History

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The Have and Have Not

African Americans have faced multiple challenges throughout American history. African American hold a classification at the bottom of American; furthermore, African American has inherited poor educational tools, jobs with poor salaries and or no health insurance benefits. With African American being wrongly racially profiled on a daily basis, along with other setback are producing a new set of challenges for African American in the twenty-first century. Although African American have overcome an abundance of past challenges that would cripple a man/woman of a different race. With education, health care coverage, and being racially profiled the African American face great daily challenging in a system designed for their failure.
The educational system in the African American community remains broken by design.
The school system in urban community remain understaffed with unqualified teachers, faced with pay cuts, layoffs, and larger class sizes in the urban community. The school building are dark, and lack the normal day-to-day supplies for teachers to teach the students. Urban school districts are being feed outdated books or lack off, a large number of students in the urban community do not have the material needed to learn effectively in today standards. Therefore, if the African American student does not have the tools to be a successful student in school, how can he/she become a successful adult in their community and provide for his/ her family.…

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