Essay about African Americans During The Civil War

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After the conclusion of the American Civil War, and the passing of the Fourteenth Amendment, African Americans were free from bondage under federal law. The Southern states attempted to limit the freedom of the African Americans in a number of ways. Even though the old name of slavery was not used any longer, the society that emerged after the Civil War closely resembled pre-Civil War society due to the racial divisions that still existed in Southern society. African American children had to quickly learn to adapt to their surroundings in order remain safe from white retaliation. They had to learn everyone had a place in society and the rich, white men controlled everyone’s place. Also, they had to learn to retain their anger and hatred, toward whites. Thirdly, African American children quickly had to learn to not ask questions about the racial divide, to their parents or any other person. Finally, African Americans had to learn to never expect a white man to reciprocate any action, which could be deemed public curtsey, to an African American man. Southern society, during the Age of Jim Crow, was controlled solely from the top down. Rich, white Southerners decided who was to succeed and who would not. As Richard R. Wright Jr. learned from the reading about the Dred Scott Decision, in the eyes of the whites, there were two types of African Americans: the acceptable blacks, who accepted the principle that black men had no rights that white men were required…

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