Essay about African Americans During The Civil War

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After the Civil war, the United States had to welcome a formerly slave population and a formerly rebellious population back into the country. Just as slavery was the center of the Civil war, center to Reconstruction was the effort to ensure that former slaves had the right to breathe full meaning into their newly acquired freedom, and to claim their rights as citizens. The Reconstruction period, under the guidance of President Andrew Jackson, was a time to make reunion possible. With their newly founded freedom, African Americans were, supposedly, equal to white men. Freedom, the ability to express what you want and when you want to without care or concern of other’s opinion, was not always given the way it should have been. With the many acts and amendments passed in order to help former slaves exercise their rights, taxes to provide for the newly freed citizens and repair roads increased. Though now that slavery was abolished and banned, the discrimination held against the negroes stilled thrived within many of the white men and this prevented African Americans from being truly free after the Civil war. Interest in protecting African American rights slowly decreased leading to the end and failure of Reconstruction.
The definition of freedom can vary depending on who is giving the definition. To some, freedom is a way of life. Those, who are free, are not afraid to act so. To others, such as the government, freedom is expressed in rights: Right to vote, right to hold…

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